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Placer County Fair

Placer County Fair

The Placer County Fair is coming up this weekend from June 25th to June 28th!


  • Thursday, June 25th – 3PM to 10PM
  • Friday, June 26th – 3PM to 11PM
  • Saturday, June 27th – 10AM to 11PM
  • Sunday, June 28th – 10AM to 10PM


  • Adults (13-59) – $5
  • Seniors (60+) – $3
  • Junior (6-12) – $3
  • Active Military – $3
  • Kids 5 and under – Free
  • Parking – $5

For more details, check out their website at:

Interest Rates Lowered

Interest Rates Lowered

Low Interest Rates








Average fixed-rate mortgages reversed course this week, falling after having soared to new highs for 2015 last week.

Freddie Mac reports the following national averages with mortgage rates for the week ending June 18:

  • 30-year fixed-rate mortgages:  averaged 4 percent, with an average 0.7 point, dropping from last week’s 4.04 percent average. Last year at this time, 30-year rates averaged 4.17 percent.
  • 15-year fixed-rate mortgages:  averaged 3.23 percent, with an average 0.5 point, dropping from last week’s 3.25 percent average. A year ago, 15-year rates averaged 3.30 percent.
  • 5-year hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages:  averaged 3 percent, with an average 0.4 point, dropping from last week’s 3.01 percent average. Last year at this time, 5-year ARMs averaged 3 percent.
  • 1-year ARMs:  averaged 2.53 percent, with an average 0.2 point, holding the same as last week. A year ago, 1-year ARMs averaged 2.41 percent.

Source: Freddie Mac

Now is a great time for buyers to get off the fence and purchase a home while interests rates are this low!

Bringing Listings to Life Through 3D Technology

We at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Reliance Partners have this amazing new 3D technology to showcase homes!   No one else in the Sacramento region has this yet.  You can see a 3D image of the home in what is considered to be a dollhouse view.  In the dollhouse view, you can double click on any room and begin your virtual tour of the entire home.  This technology cannot even compare to video virtual tours.  This 3D technology is so much more.

You can also look at a floor plan view of the home.  As a realtor, I can easily determine the dimensions of the room as well using the floor plan view.

This is another amazing tool I can provide to my sellers at no cost to them to help sell their home!  Go to to see how this technology works.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Floorplan View 3D Dollhouse View

Creekridge Condo Back on Market

My Creekridge condo in Citrus Heights is back on the market.  This is a really adorable condo with many upgrades.  The community is landscaped beautifully with many trees and plants.  If you know of someone who might be interested in buying a condo in the Citrus Heights area, please send them my way!

Listing Flyer - 8445 Creekridge Lane

For more information, please contact Sheri Negri at (916) 606-3210.

Drought Resistant Landscapes for the Sacramento Area

Here are some drought resistant landscapes that I thought I would share since we are right in the middle of a severe drought in the Sacramento Region.  Water rates are planned to increase, so we all need to do our part in conserving water.

A drought tolerant landscape consists of plants that require very little to no water.  There area a large number of trees, plants and shrubs that you can find that will work. By getting rid of your lawn and replacing it with low-water-needs shrubs, you will drastically reduce your water usage and a whole lot of maintenance. Say goodbye to mowing every weekend in the heat!  Take a look at some of the landscapes below for ideas.

See a list of drought tolerant flowers and plants below the pictures!

drought landscape 1 drought landscape 2 drought landscape 3 drought landscape 4 drought landscape 5 drought landscape 6 drought landscape 7 drought landscape 8 drought landscape 9  drought landscape 11 drought landscape 12 drought landscape 13 drought landscape 14 drought landscape 15 drought landscape 16 drought landscape 17 drought landscape 18 drought landscape 19 drought landscape 20


DROUGHT RESISTANT FLOWERS AND PLANTS selected more than 40 plants that will thrive in climates that see both rain and drought. Plants like these, tolerant of difficult conditions, are often weeds or invasive in certain areas, so do some research before planting.

Autumn sage (Salvia greggii)
Balloon flower
Bearded irises
Blue flax (Linum perenne)
Blue spirea
(Caryopteris x clandonensis)
Broom (Cystisus and Genista)
(Asclepias tuberosa)
Candytuft (Iberis sempervirens)
Catmint (Nepeta)
Creeping phlox
Creeping thyme; wooly thyme
Culinary sage (Salvia officinalis)
Dianthus, including Cheddar Pink and others
Gayfeather (Liatris)
Globe thistle (Echinops)
Read more:


Buyers Offer More for a Staged Home

Here is a survey that was done recently on what buyers thought about the importance of staging a home!  Buyers do offer more in most cases for a staged home.

Buyers offer more for staged home

This survey was taken by California Association of Realtors.

Home Decor Ideas Using the Color Green

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I found a number of rooms that I liked and wanted to share.  There are so many different colors of green to choose from and so many ways you can either make a bold statement or just use the color green to enhance a room.  Here are some home decor ideas using the color green.  Let me know which one you like the best.

Bold and vibrant green walls make this formal room really pop: 

Green Room 2

The green in this room still keeps the traditional look without the dark tones:

Green Room 3

This tone of green with the white cabinets makes me thing of spring:

Green Room 4

The dark forest green in this room makes it very warm and inviting:

Green Room 6

I love the touches of olive green in this very elegant room:

Green Room 7

The bold green wall with the blue makes a bring and bold statement:

Green Room 8

This bathroom makes me think of nature with the dark wood and calming green walls:

Green Room 9

The green walls along with the chandelier and benches help modernize this traditional room:

Green Room 10

The green sofa and accents really pop in room of darker greys:

Green Room 11

This room has a romantic feel to it with the almost chartreuse/olive green walls and accents:

Green Room 12

How you can get into a home with bad credit



There is a great program out there for people that want to get into the home now, but have to wait due to a short sale, foreclosure or credit issues.  Through this program, the home will be bought for you and rented back to you for 1 to 5 years.  You must rent the home for a least a year, but can buy anytime after that up to the five year mark.  If you cannot buy the home after the 5 year mark, then you would have to move.  There are no large deposits are up front fees for this program much like a typical lease option.   It really is a great option for people who cannot get into a home right now, and you can be in the home you actually want.

To find out more about how you can get into a home now, please contact Sheri Negri for more information.

Sheri Negri


New FHA Changes to Help Homebuyers

Barack Obama

Obama recently announce that there will be changes to FHA mortgage insurance coming towards the end of January where the mortgage insurance will drop from 1.35 percent to .85 percent. Mortgage insurance has continued to increase from .55 percent to 1.35 percent since 2010. This new structure will save borrowers an estimated $900 a year annually which is substantial due to the fact that the mortgage insurance stays through the life of the loan now unless you can refinance out of an FHA loan into a conventional loan.

There have been many buyers who have not been able to purchase a home because mortgage insurance can significantly add to your monthly mortgage payment. For example, if you were currently purchasing a home for $400,000, the monthly mortgage insurance would be over $400 in addition to your mortgage payment. The hope is to further help the housing market.

For anyone who would like more information, please let me know and I will refer you to one of my amazing lending partners.

Christmas Decor Ideas

Here are some great Christmas décor ideas for you this year!


Elegant and Modern Holiday Décor

xmas 1


Traditional Meets Modern Christmas Décor

xmas 2


 Christmas Branch Christmas Tree

xmas 4


Handmade Ornaments Using Old Books or Maps

xmas 5


A Beautiful Green Room Makes Christmas Décor Easy

xmas 6


Black and Gold Christmas Elegance

 xmas 8


Christmas Trees in a Planter

Villa 13 

xmas 10 


Christmas Tree Made Out of Paper – Crafty!

xmas 7


Porch Christmas Décor

xmas 11


For more Christmas Décor ideas, go to Sheri Negri’s Pinterest page at: